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We are the experts in the window film industry, hands down. With our advanced knowledge of this quickly changing industry, we can deliver our customers the most up-to-date information and products that are available today.  Our films will enhance your comfort, protect and preserve the interior of your home or office, and lower your utility bills by up to 30%.  We can install film that will be located on the inside of the glass, that is virtually invisible, and will possess long-term efficiency.  Window film is an alternative to shades and coverings at half the price.  You have paid thousands of dollars for beautiful windows that have beautiful views.  Why would you cover them up?  With window film, you get  up to 80% heat rejection, which will dramatically reduce the glare that makes a room uncomfortable to be in (TV glare as well).  It also rejects up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that damage skin and fade your valuable possessions, such as floors, carpets, couches, valuable art work, and anything else inside your home.  It eliminates hot spots and lessens the strain on your air conditioner, lowering your utility bills in the summer.

In the winter, 90% of your heat loss is through glass.  Window film insulates the glass and actually reflects any heat produced in your home, keeping your home warmer in the winter.  This is a year round beneficial product that is absolutely amazing and virtually invisible. More info on window tints for your home.

We also have films for security purposes.  These films installed on the glass will make it virtually impossible to penetrate, acting like invisible armor for your home or store front. It also makes the glass completely shatter-proof.  For homes on the water or in hurricane zones, it’s perfect for you and it meets and exceeds all the codes. It was actually installed on the pentagon after 9/11, just to prove its amazing strength.

Proudly serving the Long Island towns of Massapequa and Northport and many others!

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