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Long Island Window Tinting
Clearview Window Tinting is a family owned and operated Long Island window tinting business. We have been providing the highest quality window tint and window film for Long Island homes and businesses for over 17 years. With an incredible variety of window tinting options available, you can be sure that you will find the right window tint for your Massapequa home. Natural Light is the most pleasant and healthy way to light your home, but it also has a number of drawbacks that cause many homeowners to block it out with shades or blinds. However, with window tinting by Clearview, you can reduce or remove the issues caused by natural light, leaving only the benefits. One of the most important benefits of window tints is the reduction of heat and glare coming into the room, reducing air conditioning costs and improving quality of life for everyone who lives there.

Home Window Tinting
Clearview is the premier provider of window film and window tints on Long Island, with an extensive knowledge of every aspect of the window tinting business. We pass that knowledge onto our customers in Massapequa, greatly improving their quality of life. Our window tint and window film is installed on the inside of the window, which helps to keep it completely invisible and maintains its long-term viability, to keep your home cool in direct sunlight and protecting you from harmful UV rays. Window tinting on Long Island is one of the newest ways to keep your Massapequa home environmentally friendly while saving you money on energy costs, also helping many people to be able to enjoy the natural light in their home.

Tinted Windows Save you Money
Window tinting and window film for your home in Massapequa have many benefits, all of which will improve your happiness and satisfaction with your home. Our window tints can reduce your utility bill by as much as 30%, providing an alternative to blinds and shades while still letting the light in. Window film and tints on Long Island will reflect up to 80% of the heat that enters your home through the windows, and up to 99% of the UV rays. This combination helps to decrease the glare coming into any room, allowing you to watch TV or use other video screens at any time of day without having to close the blinds. The reduction in UV radiation does damage to your possessions, causing fading on carpets, floors, and furniture.

Window Tinting Near Me
Window tinting will also reduce hot spots in your room, helping your air conditioning efficiency and reducing costs in the heat of the summer. Furthermore, as Long Island has winters just as cold as the summers are hot, window tints and window films help your home year-round, with 90% of the heat loss from your home being through the windows. Window films serve to insulate your windows, keeping the heat inside the home where it belongs and helping to reduce your utility bills even in the winter. Call Clearview Window Tinting today for a Long Island window tint installer near Massapequa that has the experience, efficiency, and skill that other home window tinting companies lack.