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谷歌遭指控 操纵搜索引擎偏袒希拉里

Earlier this week, an investigative video created by news and pop culture website SourceFed went viral, drawing millions of views on Facebook and YouTube.


The seven-minute-long video accused the search giant Google of manipulating autocomplete suggestions to be more favorable to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, with some examples of how Google differed from its competitors Bing and Yahoo.


It claimed, for instance, that typing in Hillary Clinton cri would result in terms like Hillary Clinton crime reform rather than crimes, or that Hillary Clinton ind would yield Hillary Clinton Indiana rather than indictment.

举个例子,输入“Hillary Clinton cri”,结果就会出来“Hillary Clinton crime reform”这样的词条,而不是“crimes”,或者输入“Hillary Clinton ind”就会出现“Hillary Clinton Indiana”,而不是“indictment”。

In comparison, the video noted that autocomplete results for Donald Trump rac would include the word racist and Bernie Sanders soc would yield socialist.

相比之下,视频提到,“Donald Trump rac”的自动补全结果包括单词“racist”,输入“ Bernie Sanders soc”则会出现“socialist”。

The intention is clear. Google is burying potential searches for terms that could have hurt Hillary Clinton in the primary elections over the past several months by manipulating recommendations on their site, SourceFed's Matt Lieberman said in the video, published Thursday.

“其意图很明显。在过去几个月的初选中,谷歌通过操控其网站的推荐信息,把有可能不利于希拉里•克林顿的潜在搜索词条隐藏了起来,” SourceFed的马特•利伯曼在周四发布的这一视频中说道。

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has repeatedly accused the media of biased coverage of Crooked Hillary, even weighed in on the SourceFed video.


If this is true, it is a disgrace that Google would do that, Trump said in a statement sent to Business Insider. Very, very dishonest.


They should let it float and allow people [to] see how crooked she really is, he added.


But Google is denying that its search results are tipping the scales toward Clinton -- or any other political figure, for that matter.


In a statement to the Washington Times, a Google spokesperson said Google Autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause.


And in a Friday blog post, Tamar Yehoshua, Google's vice president of product management in charge of the site's search feature, further explained that the autocomplete feature will not offer up derogatory terms in relation to any person.


The autocomplete algorithm is designed to avoid completing a search for a person's name with terms that are offensive or disparaging, Yehoshua wrote. We made this change a while ago following feedback that Autocomplete too often predicted offensive, hurtful or inappropriate queries about people. This filter operates according to the same rules no matter who the person is.


Yehoshua emphasized that autocomplete terminology isn't an exact science and the results of the algorithm changes frequently.


Predictions are produced based on a number of factors including the popularity and freshness of search terms, he added. Given that search activity varies, the terms that appears in Autocomplete for you may change over time.


Further, the Google executive noted that while autocomplete predictions are a popular search feature, it does not actively limit the search results.


It's a shortcut for those who are interested, Yehoshua said. You can still perform whatever search you want to.


SourceFed later came out with a follow-up video published Friday to explain the thought process behind their original accusations and defended its results.


We saw something that raised a lot of red flags for us so we spent time doing research -- the results of which were worth sharing, Lieberman, the SourceFed host, said.

“我们看到了一些引起我们注意的事情,所以我们花了一些时间做调查——调查结果值得与大家分享,” SourceFed的掌门人利伯曼说。

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